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15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management -- SUMMARY

1.Time is your most valuable and scarcest resource

2. Identify your most important task and work on it each day before doing anything else

3. Work from your calendar, not a to do list

4. Procrastination can be overcome when you figure out how to beat your future self, who cannot be trusted to do the right thing

Ulysses tying himself to mast

Automate as much as possible

5. Accept the fact that there will always be more to do and more that can be done

6. Always carry a notebook

Handwriting superior to typing.

Photos to augment memory

7. Email is a great way for other people to put their priorities into your life; control your inbox

8. Schedule and attend meetings as a last resort

9. Say no to everything that does not support your immediate goals

10. 80% of outcomes are generated by 20% of activities

11. Focus your time only on things that utilize your unique strengths and passion

Drop, delegate or redesign

Pass the Monkey, HBR

12. Batch your work with recurring themes for different days of the week

13. If a task can be done in under five minutes, do it immediately

Don't touch until you’re ready

14. Invest the first 60 minutes of each day in rituals that strengthen your mind, body and spirit

Change your mornings change your life

15. Productivity is about energy and focus, not time

You can’t get more time, only more energy