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    A part of the wild ride

    Life and technology change quickly. So does Ara.

    2015 Moto X

    Industrial Design Lead

    Moto X with improved materials and form integration

    Moto Stream

    Industrial Design Lead

    Make any speaker wireless with this bluetooth audio adapter

    Motorola S11

    Industrial Design Lead

    A stereo bluetooth headset with a fitness focus

    Crab Robot

    combat robot concept


    Industrial Design Lead

    wearable concept

    Bosch Airhammer

    Industrial Design Lead

    Pneumatic nail guns

    Bosch GTS10

    Industrial Design Lead

    Portable Jobsite Table Saw

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    AeroPress Mug

    AeroPress Mug

    Pineapple Succulent Pot

    Pineapple Pot

    Laser Sintered Catball


    Cat Scratcher

    Official Hatchetball Set - A Gentleman's Game

    Hatchetball Set

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    AuxPecker Maps

    HDRI Panel Top Light


    Noun Project Link


    Pttrns Link

    Faceted Shapes

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