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    Life and technology change quickly. So does Ara.

    2015 Moto X

    Industrial Design Lead

    Moto X with improved materials and form integration

    Moto Stream

    Industrial Design Lead

    Make any speaker wireless with this bluetooth audio adapter

    Motorola S11

    Industrial Design Lead

    A stereo bluetooth headset with a fitness focus

    Crab Robot

    combat robot concept


    Industrial Design Lead

    wearable concept

    Bosch Airhammer

    Industrial Design Lead

    Pneumatic nail guns

    Bosch GTS10

    Industrial Design Lead

    Portable Jobsite Table Saw

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    AeroPress Mug

    AeroPress Mug

    Pineapple Succulent Pot

    Pineapple Pot

    Laser Sintered Catball


    Cat Scratcher

    Official Hatchetball Set - A Gentleman's Game

    Hatchetball Set

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    AuxPecker Maps

    HDRI Panel Top Light


    Noun Project Link


    Pttrns Link

    Faceted Shapes

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    inevitability in nature > carps were bred to eliminate there scales> less work to prepare for eating > they were then released into the wild > within a short time they evolved their scales back! regression to the inevitable http://phys.org/news/2016-08-carp-rapid-de-evolution-scales.html
    1.Time is your most valuable and scarcest resource 2. Identify your most important task and work on it each day before doing anything else 3. Work from your calendar, not a to do list 4. Procrastination can be overcome when you figure out how to beat your future self, who cannot be trusted...
    September 7, 2015
    Making Cold Brew with Blue Bottle:1 part ground coffee to 10 parts watersteep 8-15 hours in the fridgeuse lighter, fruitier beansA french press works for filtering, or can decant through paper filter Full WSJ article
    August 31, 2015
    June 21, 2015
    Motivation 3 measures determine if you are happy at your job: Mastery: are you improving your skill set? Autonomy: do you have control/ lead your own projects? Purpose: are your projects serving a greater goal? for more check out "Drive" by Daniel Pink
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